Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


9. Chapter eight - Free

Rowan found himself woken up by Kitti, who had silver-blue blood pouring down her face, but wasn't crying or screaming or moaning. Instead, she was untying him. Rowan noted that she had a bow slung over her back,as well as a quiver of arrows and a sword at her side. She was wearing silver armour, and Rowan could have sworn she was glowing silver. He opened his mouth to ask about it, and realised how much his face hurt. And then he made the connection between the fact that there was blood on Kitti's face and that he was alive.

"You saved my life, huh?" he said slowly and painfully, and she gave a slight smile.

"Yes, but it doesn't hurt now. I think its the power of the soul stone..." she said. Rowan looked at her blankly.

"Yeah, I'll tell you on the way." she added.


By the time they got to the other souls, he'd heard all about the meeting with the Soul Queen. He was going to help her persuade the souls to eat and actually swallow soul rock. And then he was staying with Kitti. He said he wasn't leaving her until the battle with the soul stealer was over. Kitti had tried protesting, but Rowan said he rufused to leave her alone. So it was settled. Rowan only hoped that Kitti could actually beat the soul stealer. If she couldn't... Rowan shuddered.


"It's really easy! You just put the soul rock in your mouth, and swallow it! Otherwise, you stay here with the soul stealer, and work here for the rest of your lives. Its your choice. Palace, or mines?" Rowan finished. The souls ran off to grab even a tiny piece of soul rock. He was so much more persuasive than Kitti, and had quickly got the souls under control. Suddenly, the souls started turning into tiny little glowing spheres, and whizzing up through the roof of the mines. Rowan and Kitti waited, until all the souls had gone, before they walked out of the mine to go and find the soul stealer.

"That speech you gave was really good!" Kitti exclaimed. "Lets just hope I can fight as well as you can speak." she walked out into the open for the first time in ages. The sun! It lifted her sptirits immensely. She laughed for a few seconds, but then a voice brought her back to earth.

"I'm going to teach you to mess with the soul stealer." growled the soul stealer.

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