So what?

Popular, pretty and powerful. Those are 3 words to describe the school's lead Barbie, Samantha Bates. As she roams here and there, everyone seems to love her, well, nearly everyone..

'Oh my god! How fit is he?' is what the girls whisper to each other about Jamie. Life is one big party for Jamie, but will it last?

Shy girl, Leonie, would rather read books than care about her appearance. Unfortunately, she decides to go a bit over the top. There is suddenly a big difference.

Aaron is just like a normal teenager. He hangs out with his mates, has a crush on some girls and goes and lives his life. When he discovers that his best friend, Leonie, has changed, he cant decide whether it's a positive or negative.

Four different beings, all one link.


2. Samantha.

Today has been amazing! I finally got with probably the world's most fittest guy, Jamie. He proper fancies me to death!!

Anyway, Bethany came round mine today and we had a bit of a gossip. The main subject was Leonie, of course. It was actually hilarious, because we tried to look like her. Fortunately, we failed (and thats a way good thing, as well). Leonie is horrible! She has these deep, brown eyes that just stare at you when you say something, her hair is all frizzy and gross, and she really needs to wear some make up. Also, she reads these really weirdo books. Enough of Leonie now, she is just a waste of my space and time. Let me tell you about Jamie! Okay so, it all started off in the cafeteria. He was chomping on a delicious, lettuce sandwich whilst I was applying some lip gloss. As I turned around, he dropped his sandwich (literally!) and strutted over to me, before saying 'Hey good looking, whats cooking?' I replied back with a shy-but-sweet 'nothing' and he asked me if I wanted to go out with him. Obviously I said yes as he is just plain gorgeous. After I agreed to go out with him, I grabbed Bethany, Sarah, Aimee, Jess, Izzie, Holly, Lilly, Mia, Hope, Kayla, Nina, Daniella, Ellie, Maisie, Paige and all the others, and went and did some fangirling on the tennis court! I can't explain to you how ecstatic I am! Someone's at the door, I'll be back later. Bye babe! xx

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