So what?

Popular, pretty and powerful. Those are 3 words to describe the school's lead Barbie, Samantha Bates. As she roams here and there, everyone seems to love her, well, nearly everyone..

'Oh my god! How fit is he?' is what the girls whisper to each other about Jamie. Life is one big party for Jamie, but will it last?

Shy girl, Leonie, would rather read books than care about her appearance. Unfortunately, she decides to go a bit over the top. There is suddenly a big difference.

Aaron is just like a normal teenager. He hangs out with his mates, has a crush on some girls and goes and lives his life. When he discovers that his best friend, Leonie, has changed, he cant decide whether it's a positive or negative.

Four different beings, all one link.


1. Leonie

School was another embarrassment. People flicking me, pinching my arms, sneering at my witty answers. Somehow, I wish I was different. I remember it all: the whole conversation.

'Eww! Look, it's Leee-ohh-nee!' announced Samantha Bates, school's most prettiest girl; she has long, blonde locks, coated with a layer of glossiness, china-blue, glittery eyes, guarded by some thick eyelashes. She has a perfect mouth and when she smiles, she reveals a beautiful set of pearly whites, each one in shape. To add another aspect, Samantha is very fit and healthy. Her skin tone is just the right colour, no fake tan. Sometimes, I wonder how she does it. If only she could eat some of her beauty, so she could be pretty on the inside too.

'Haha, Sam, you are funny! I swear she's gained another spot.' replied Bethany Jones, Samantha's best friend and local pouter. Bethany is just an average girl, who colours her face in with make-up. She has gleaming green eyes, surrounded by oak-brown, faded eye shadow with a hint of eyeliner. She wears peach lipstick as an accessory, and her face is covered in foundation.

 Then theres me. Stupid, old Leonie. Plain, reddish-brown hair. Brown eyes. A mouth. A nose. A few spots. Braces. That's me.  I read a lot of books: usually stories about rockets blasting off to space, descriptive novels about a land full of sweets, guides about how to experiment with science. I tend to read 5 times a day, kind of like my daily fruit. Even though I do eat healthy, my stomach seems to be putting on more weight instead of less. Maybe my version of 'healthy' is not what it really is. But that's all going to change. Soon. Very, very soon, infact.



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