So what?

Popular, pretty and powerful. Those are 3 words to describe the school's lead Barbie, Samantha Bates. As she roams here and there, everyone seems to love her, well, nearly everyone..

'Oh my god! How fit is he?' is what the girls whisper to each other about Jamie. Life is one big party for Jamie, but will it last?

Shy girl, Leonie, would rather read books than care about her appearance. Unfortunately, she decides to go a bit over the top. There is suddenly a big difference.

Aaron is just like a normal teenager. He hangs out with his mates, has a crush on some girls and goes and lives his life. When he discovers that his best friend, Leonie, has changed, he cant decide whether it's a positive or negative.

Four different beings, all one link.


4. Jamie

I've got it! A genius idea- as always. Well, no I'm not that brainy, but I certainly am quite intelligent when it comes to my girls.

I'm Jamie. Brown hair, 6 pack, green eyes, wears clothes. Hey ho.

Anyway, my plan is to invite Samantha Bates round mine for 'it'. I'm sure she's done 'it' before, but if she hasn't, that's fine, as I'm sure I can teach her a few tricks, if you get what I mean. Samantha Bates is F to the I to the T.

Well, school was fun today. I harrassed a few teachers, winding them round my fingers. They always fool for my stupid games, for some random reason. At lunch, I had to complete my P.E. course, which involved running round the sheep field for 25 minutes. It's a mile long, so by the end of it, I was bloody knackered! In the afternoon, we had French, so I kept saying 'I love you' to Sam, in French. I know it's only been a day, but still. It feels like forever. After school, me, Aaron, and the other lads, had a kick around in the playground. That was pretty much my day.


So erm, I've got a massive headache now, so I'm gonna get something for it. Laters peeps!  

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