So what?

Popular, pretty and powerful. Those are 3 words to describe the school's lead Barbie, Samantha Bates. As she roams here and there, everyone seems to love her, well, nearly everyone..

'Oh my god! How fit is he?' is what the girls whisper to each other about Jamie. Life is one big party for Jamie, but will it last?

Shy girl, Leonie, would rather read books than care about her appearance. Unfortunately, she decides to go a bit over the top. There is suddenly a big difference.

Aaron is just like a normal teenager. He hangs out with his mates, has a crush on some girls and goes and lives his life. When he discovers that his best friend, Leonie, has changed, he cant decide whether it's a positive or negative.

Four different beings, all one link.


3. Aaron

Around half an hour ago, I came back from school. It was the usual. The 'Barbies and Hunks' were playing such mean tricks on Leonie. If you ask me, she is absolutely fine the way she is. No, she isn't the prettiest girl in our year, but she is in my eyes. You see, we've been friends ever since nursery. It was my first day, and she was the first person I saw. Sitting in the corner, reading a book about making up rhymes and riddles, that was her. I could only just about walk, whereas she had already drawn all of the pictures from a 20 page picture book. My parents seem to enjoy her company, that being because they're also a bit geeky, or they just want to get on well.

  Well, I'm Aaron. You know how I said I quite liked Leonie (well I think I did..) forget that. I've got a girlfriend, and I don't need another. Besides, it's not like I've got the girls falling at my feet. Jamie has though. He is my best friend. It seems a bit strange, don't you think? Because, he is hypnotized by girls, wants to get into their pants and can kick a ball around. I can kick a ball around and do a few tricks, but Ive not got girls fangirling on the tennis courts because of me? He has. It's not like Im jealous or anything, as Im not. Only.. if Leonie could be a bit more, well.. prettier, then maybe my life would be different. Actually, my life is fine the way it is, completely fine. The only thing is, is 'fine' good enough?


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