Star undercover.

Zak is an international superstar, he can play most instruments, but wants to give it all up and have a normal life to see what its like and with the help of his best friend Isaac hes going to try and get what he wants, a normal life, even if it is for a few days.
Zara is a normal girl, considered a geek at school, she has never had a boyfriend and always gives help when needed. She doesnt want to be distracted by little things like boyfriends and gossip but for once wishes she would be noticed.

But, what will happen when their paths cross and secrets are found out?


2. Zara's Life.


I put my glasses on; my vision went from blurred to crystal clear. I let out a yawn stretching all the muscles in my face. I swung my legs off my bed and walked to my dresser. My hair was a fuzzy mess. “Great!” I’m not a morning person. “What’s wrong?” My sister leaned against the door. “As if you didn’t know.” I pointed to my hair, she just laughed.

Melisa was 19 and home from college for a few weeks; unfortunately I still had to go to school, because that is required of a 17 year old.

She stood behind me and looked at my hair, playing with it in her fingers. “I will fix it.” She took the brush and ran it through my hair with care. She squinted her eyes as she plastered it with hairspray, I coughed, the hairspray caught the back of my throat.

When she was done I looked good, my natural brown curls lay perfectly on my shoulders and with all the hairspray would stay that way. “Thanks.” I smiled at my sister. “Anything for you Zara.” She hugged me. “You look gorge.” I loved my sister; she could take a ordinary girl like me and make them look beautiful.

“Now there is food downstairs and I advice you wear your vest top with a cardigan today.” She closed the door with a silent click. I went to my wardrobe got the top and cardigan along with my skirt and skin coloured tights.

I went downstairs to find my sister sitting at the table, a bowl of cereal sitting in front of her. “Where’s mum and dad?” I sat next to her and she handed me a bowl and the milk bottle. “Work.” She stuffed the spoon in her mouth and I frowned. I hardly ever saw my parents, they always worked and when they got home I was asleep and they were gone in the morning.

“I’m sure you will see them tonight.” Melisa looked at me her blue eyes filled with concern. She worried, a lot about me, now she was at college she knows what I must be feeling. I always had her to keep me company and I felt so alone.  

“Maybe. I need to be going.” I got my bag and headed for the door. “But you didn’t have breakfast.”

“I’m not hungry.”  I closed the door and headed for the school, keeping my head down and my pace fast.  For once I wished my parents would notice me, maybe even the people from school, maybe then I wouldn’t be as lonely. Or maybe since they were never home mum and dad would get me a dog or a pet of some sort. Instead as plain silence as my friend.

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