Star undercover.

Zak is an international superstar, he can play most instruments, but wants to give it all up and have a normal life to see what its like and with the help of his best friend Isaac hes going to try and get what he wants, a normal life, even if it is for a few days.
Zara is a normal girl, considered a geek at school, she has never had a boyfriend and always gives help when needed. She doesnt want to be distracted by little things like boyfriends and gossip but for once wishes she would be noticed.

But, what will happen when their paths cross and secrets are found out?


3. Let's switch Places.


Fernando walked around me in a slow circle. I sat in the chair, hoping he could work his magic. He looked from me to Isaac, to me and back to Isaac. “Can you do it?” I asked, Isaac bit his nail, he wasn’t looking forward to this if my manager found out she would skin him alive.

“Of course I can do it! I am the best, do you doubt my abilities?” He raised an eyebrow. “Of course not.”

“You.” He pointed at Isaac. “You first, in the chair.” No one would argue with Fernando so Isaac practically pushed me out the chair. “Now you were scheduled for a haircut anyways, so it doesn’t matter that his hair is shorter, what matters is the colour.”  Fernando inspected my hair then Isaac’s. “Alright, I have to make up a sandy blond.” He turned towards his kit and started mixing pastes of various colours in a tub.

“What if Margret comes in.” Margret was my manager’s name; I never called her that but Isaac did to get on her nerves. “She never comes in when I have a hair appointment and she will know by now, don’t worry.” I watched as Fernando began to smear the pastes on his head, he began to giggle. “What?”

“It’s cold.” I shook my head. “Stay still, this needs to work.” He stopped; he knew how much I wanted this to go through this much trouble.

After an hour, Isaacs’s hair was finished and it was weird how much it looked like me. “This could work.” Fernando rubbed his chin. “Right now Zak, your turn.” I sat in the chair as he inspected me again. “My aim is to make you look different. I’m thinking change your hair to a wood brown with light highlights?” I nodded. “Whatever you think.” He sat me back and began his mission.

My hair was short and spiked; the blonde was gone replaced by brown. My clothes looked normal a plain blue top with blue baggy jeans. “I look different, this is going to work.” Isaac looked me up and down. “Dude! You sure you want to do this?” He was wearing my designer clothes. I smirked.

“Well my mum is expecting you to stay with her, I arranged it and you will go to my old school, if you’re lucky the prom hasn’t happened yet. My mum said she won’t tell and no one from school will know you, but what name you going to use?”

“I’m going to use my old name, the one on the birth certificate. Alex Roland.” My manager made me change my name, so no one would know my family, I think it was harsh. “Right Alex, your sure bout this.” We walked to the small window in my dressing room. I fist pumped Isaac. “Let’s switch places.”

With that I climbed out the window and into the night.

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