Star undercover.

Zak is an international superstar, he can play most instruments, but wants to give it all up and have a normal life to see what its like and with the help of his best friend Isaac hes going to try and get what he wants, a normal life, even if it is for a few days.
Zara is a normal girl, considered a geek at school, she has never had a boyfriend and always gives help when needed. She doesnt want to be distracted by little things like boyfriends and gossip but for once wishes she would be noticed.

But, what will happen when their paths cross and secrets are found out?


4. Alone at night.


It had been a long day, I aced one of my tests and I was home. My sister was nowhere to be seen; I suspected she was out with her boyfriend ‘Cam’. I sighed, stirring the pasta I was having for dinner. The water bubbled and spit, I turned down the heat before it burned me.

I turned on the radio, the charts were on, I don’t really care for the number ones or anything but when I was alone it was nice to have something breaking the silence.

I cursed when my finger touched the metal pan as I drained the pasta. I tossed some grated cheese on the top; this is a decent meal, pasta and cheese. I sat, back straight at the table as I ate my pasta. It was always a benefit to have good posture.

It was so plain and I got sick of it. I chucked it in the bin and went to the couch to watch T.V and yet again nothing worth watching. I fell asleep watching a documentary on vegetables where a bald man was describing how they were made.

I woke up when the door was slammed shut. “Shhh don’t wake up the girls.” My mum’s voice was hushed but not enough. “Sorry.”

“Too late.” I stood in the arch way between the hall and sitting room.  “Zara, what are you doing up?” Mum placed a hand on my cheek, I shrugged it off. “I’m just going to bed." 

“Ok night night honey.” My dad called as I walked up the stairs. “Oh and since it’s the first time I’ve seen you I passed all my exams and you missed my parents evening so Melisa went. If you want to know how I’m doing talk to her.”

They looked ashamed. “Honey we’re sorry.”My mum explained. “I’ve heard it before.” I ignored their apologies and went to bed.

I know it seems harsh but they were never home, they didn’t even bother calling to tell me they were going to be late. I lay in bed listening to my sister giving my parents a talking to. It went along the lines of ‘She shouldn’t live like this, making her own dinner, not going out. It’s as if she doesn’t have parents, now that I’m gone you guys need to come home.’

I could tell it was going to be a long night so I just tried to get to sleep. I must have tossed and turned the whole night I had dreams when I was popular, but I picked on myself, like I had a twin, and I was shouting to stop it but I wouldn’t. Maybe it was more nightmare than dream. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and each time I fell asleep I repeated the same dream.


I was all alone in a strange neighbourhood; I stared at a house I suspected was Isaac’s. It had some sort of plant growing up the side, lots of flowers and a white fence. It was like a house you would see in a movie.

I walked towards the door for it to swing open and a woman with long strawberry blonde hair suffocated me in hugs. “Nice to see you honey!” she pinched my cheek, then I knew for sure it was Isaac’s mother.

“Nice to see you to.” She released her grip and looked. “Oh Alex come out of the cold, hurry now.” She shooed me into the house like I was some sort of animal, she hasn’t changed. The house was well lit, the whole sitting room was cream and she directed me to sit on the cream sofa, which had a red rug swung over the back.

“So Isaac told you I changed my name back to Alex for this trip?”  She shook her head and sat across in a recliner chair. “Alex, I never called you Zak, you are Alex and that is what I will call you until I take my last breath. “

I was touched, Amanda (Isaac’s mum) never gave up on the old Alex, unlike my parents, I haven’t heard from them since I became famous, that was when I was 13 so it has been 4 years that is long. I didn’t even know where they were, not even a letter.

“Thanks Amanda.” I smiled. “What for?”

“Letting me stay here and not giving up on me.” She was like a mum to me when I was little, my parents worked a lot. “You always encouraged me to be the best I could, told me I could be anything. You helped me start my career.”

“And now I’m helping you lose it.” She stood up and picked up my bag. “Come on hon. I will show you to your room.”

I looked at the room, and would swear it was Isaac’s, when I was little Amanda didn’t want me staying in my house by myself and she never trusted the nanny’s so she convinced my parents to let me stay with her. She had a spare room, decorated it for me and everything. I loved staying here, but it wasn’t the same room I left 4 years ago.

The room had posters of girls, lots of lights you would see at a club, car plates stuck onto the wall. “Isaac redecorated it for you.” She placed my bag down; she went into her pocket and pulled out a roll of cash. “Here.” She placed it in my hand. “What?” I was confused.

“It’s for new clothes and everything you need.” She smiled. “I can’t.” She held up her hand. “You can and will, Alex, I looked after you, your practically part of my family. I love you like I love Isaac. I will give you money, a house, food, whatever you need just ask. Now get some rest, you start school tomorrow.” She turned to leave. “Thanks again.” She gave me a nod and left.



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