Star undercover.

Zak is an international superstar, he can play most instruments, but wants to give it all up and have a normal life to see what its like and with the help of his best friend Isaac hes going to try and get what he wants, a normal life, even if it is for a few days.
Zara is a normal girl, considered a geek at school, she has never had a boyfriend and always gives help when needed. She doesnt want to be distracted by little things like boyfriends and gossip but for once wishes she would be noticed.

But, what will happen when their paths cross and secrets are found out?


1. Zak's Life.


The crowd screeched as I strutted onto the stage, this is my life. I sing, entertain and go on tour; it’s the best life ever for a 17 year old. Girls love me, my boss gets me all the great gigs and I’m an international superstar.

“Good Night Everybody!!” I waved to the crowd and jogged off stage. A trickle of sweat and own my forehead as a man ran over wiping it off shoving a bottle of mineral water into my hand. I chugged it down and handed it back to him. “Thanks.”

“Whatever whatever, Zak you don’t need to say thank you to this nobody.” My manager shoved me through the stage and into my dressing room. “You were wonderful Zak.” She stood with great posture, on three inch heels and a black dress. “Thanks.”

“Now we have to get ready we fly to China in two days.” She stuck a chocolate covered strawberry in her mouth and took a bite, wiping some of the juice off her lip with a long finger. “What two days! But I haven’t been here that long.”

“We need more fans in China so I have arranged a gig.” She placed her hands on my face and then patted it. There was some mumbling in her earphone and she looked mad. She swung the mouthpiece down and started yelling. “You Idiot!!!! How could you be so stupid?” She placed a hand over the mouthpiece. “One minute Zak.” She slammed the door taking her shouts with her.

To be honest I didn’t want to go, sure it was the best life but I didn’t even get to go to school, go to Prom, find a girlfriend, I didn’t really have any real friends. Apart from Isaac.

“Dude.” Isaac burst into the room and fist pumped me. “Heard the news, China that’s great, new girls to win over.” He wiggled his eyebrows and I punched his arm. “Knock it off, I don’t want to go.” He looked puzzled. “What?”

“I don’t want to go; I want to see what a normal life is like.” How hard was that to believe like? I wanted to go and see what a normal life was like, I had been thinking about it for a few months now. “How you going to do that like? And a normal life isn’t that great trust me I know.”

“I don’t care, you have a normal life, I don’t, and yours isn’t even that normal, the girls know you’re my wingman, and if you were a proper one you would help me.” I crossed my arms. “I always help you, no matter what crazy plan you have, remember you’re Mento and Coke powered roller skates.” I chuckled. That was the funniest day ever, we were 11. I separated the wheels and stuck the shoe in a bottle and the wheels and then threw in a Mento in and we both landed in a pond.

“Right I want you to pretend to be me.”

“That won’t work for a start.” I nodded. “It will.” I dialled my stylist. “Hey Fernando, yea it’s me, can you get over here in say 20?” There was a muffled agreement over the phone and I hung up. “What you going to do to me?” Isaac took a few steps back towards the door. “I’m doing you a favour.” I grinned and threw myself on the couch.

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