Awake and Alive

Paradise is ahead, I can see it, just a little further.


2. Past

We both lied there, not talking, not thinking. Just letting the moon do it's work, heal our shattered bones and ripped skin. My breathing began to slow down as I began to sink into relaxation. I might be broken, but I feel more alive then ever. A strange sensation had been injected into my system since I ripped into that wolf's dark fur, and attacked his dark soul. Like a weight has been lifted off mine and the world's shoulders, and most importantly, Kiba's. Something must of happened before I got here, he was almost dead, thank god adrenaline took over and raged out at his enemy. "Kiba," I whispered. Not sure if I should or not break the peaceful silence. He tilted his head to me, "Yes." He replied, slightly louder.


We were both in our Human forms now. His yellow wolf eyes were gone, and now his eyes shone a mysterious, moon-like grey. His dark brown hair curved around to his cheeks, and always settled in the right place. He wore a white shirt, three buttons trailed down from his throat, all of which were undone. His arms were covered with his brown suede jacket, with the black, almost blue collar sticking up. He wore a pair of pale blue jeans, and his feet were in a pair of black converses. He didn't look at all uncomfortable wearing Human clothes, I on the other hand, prefer to wear something looser, not this. "Who was that wolf you were fighting?" I inquired. The expression on his face didn't change, but his eyes darkened slightly. "It's a long story..." he trailed off. He looked up to the star studded sky, soaking in the moon's pure light. "We've got all night," I insisted. That was then that I realised that he was trying to forget it, but obviously, I had to stick my nose in other people's business.


"That was Lord Darcia III, is a descended from a wolf clan who chose to be completely human. He's been cursed with the golden wolf's eye since Lord Darcia I disappeared into Paradise, which was not exceptable. Since he wasn't a wolf, so he's been cursed all his life." Kiba didn't move, all that showed he was alive was the mist that came from his mouth. "Okay, how did you end up with The Flower Maiden?" That intrigued me the most, "Darcia stole her from a laboratory, I never found out why. Cheza came to me and the others when Darcia's plane exploded. She floated down from the sky, and that's when I found The Flower Maiden." That opened another thought in my mind, "Others?" he was he talking about.


Kiba stood up at the thought of it I'm guessing. He turned back to me, and held out his hand, "I'll show you." I was surprised at his gesture. I took his hand, and he lifted me to my feet. He didn't let go of my hand, and led me down the mountain like ground. The sky still grew brighter with the moon's pure light. Stars began to disappear in the projected bright light. The air in my lungs shot out suddenly at the sight of two dead wolves laying together. One a black wolf, and the other a yellowish brown. Kiba knelt down to the pair of them, tears began to emerge from the corners of his eyes. I knelt down to him, and put my arm around his shoulder, holding him in comfort.


"They were in love, she wouldn't have been to get to Paradise, she's a half blood. I've known him the longest out of anyone in the pack." His hand stroked the yellow-brown wolf's neck, "Goodbye Hige, take care of Blue." He whispered, wishing they could hear him. He looked up into my eyes, "But at least I have you," he said, sadness tainted his throat. "You'll always have me," I suddenly had a feeling towards him. His hands left his dead friend's body, and found my waist. His body leant into me, and his soft lips made their way to mine. I lied down, he pushed himself on top of me. He departed his lips briefly, moved to my neck and whispered gently. "I'll always be yours, you are my future now, my past has gone."

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