Awake and Alive

Paradise is ahead, I can see it, just a little further.


1. End

The smell of the lunar flower was growing stronger with every stride I ran. It's the Flower Maiden. Her scent has drawn me across the Earth, and I have no idea where I am, but all I know. Is that Paradise is where ever she is, or it could be actual lunar flowers. My paws slowed to a trot, but then halted. Nothing would have prepared me for that sight. The Flower Maiden she, she's. I walked to her body, dark veins stretched across her dry, crumpled body. Like the flower she is, she's drying out. Her pale skin darkened, and her eyes drew to a still shut. Her neck gave in, and she, she was dead. My head dropped to her, my only chance to find Paradise, and she's gone.


Where am I supposed to go now? Where is Paradise? My nose it's that good at smelling. A howl of pain screeched from behind me, piercing my ears. I tried to block it out, but I couldn't. I swiftly turned around, and saw another scene of soon death. Two wolves were fighting to the death. One was dark, with purple fur, and what looks like it, different coloured eyes. The other one was a white wolf, I'm guessing an Arctic Wolf. His once pure fur was stain with blood, and his skin was scarred with bites, slashes and majorly weakening scratches. He collapsed. The dark wolf towered over him, preparing to give him his final attack.


I don't know why, but I charged at him, and teared at his neck with my teeth. Not even aware of what or who he is. He growled at me, knowing that I wasn't going to side with him. The other wolf looked up at me with his yellow eyes, thanking me I think. I crouched down, in front of him, protecting him from the dark wolf. Something was let loose out of me, and I couldn't control it. I lashed it out on the wolf, not even caring what he was doing, or whether he was the good one. The animal inside of me was taking over, all the anger, pain and depression of my whole life that I've kept back it escaping all at once. My skin was ripped, fur was torn, and blood was shed. Nothing stopped me from attacking him, and nothing stopped him from slowly killing me.


He attacked, barely able to move. His white fur almost all red. I watched them fight as I began to collapse to the floor, my body weakening every second. The white wolf ended it, ripping out his throat. Blood poured from his body, his corpse now still. The white wolf stumbled towards me, shaking and sweating from blood loss. His eyes never left mine. He feel sickened next to me. His breathing was loud and painful by the sound of it. He still remained in his wolf form, and so did I.


It was then that I remembered with it's appearance. Tonight is a full moon. Thank god. It is when the full moon is present that wolves are their strongest and heal the quickest. He crawled closer to me, his eyes still on me, like I was hypnotizing. His mouth slowly opened, and I heard lightly. "What is your name?" His lips barely moved, I can't even imagine the pain he's in. "Anala," I whispered back. He smiled slightly, "And your name?" I wondered. "Kiba, and I'm eternally grateful. You saved my life. I am in your debt."

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