Spring Time

Just a short description I decided to write one day!


1. Spring time-- A description!

Dancing happily under the golden blaze of the sun, the canary yellow daffodil sways gently in the afternoon breeze. Surrounded by tulips and bluebells, with the gentle sound of songbirds in the air, nothing could be more enchanting than this precise moment. Ruffling the grass with one of my hands, I use the other to twiddle to red roses beside me. The big oak tree spreads out its fingers above me so I can be cool in the shade while I admire the delightful view of all of the flowers. I push myself to get up from this relaxing spot out of sun, to go and pick some gorgeous lavender. In the field, the fragrance is absolutely marvellous, it is actually quite unbelievable of how strong and sweet the scent is. A gigantic flock of daisies come into view and I remember how much I love spring.

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