I can't explain how this came to happen. And why it happened to me. They have been stolen, and i think I'm to blame.


3. waking up

A blinding white light struck me as I opened my eyes. From the corner of my eye I saw my mother. She looked tired, her greasy blonde hair sticking out at all angles. She reached out and stroked my hair. "What happened?" I whispered. Mum rolled her eyes and held my hand tight. "You were in that horribly dangerous warehouse. I found you when I was walking Hero. You obviously fell. Broke 3 fingers and a leg. Oh Annie, what were you doing there? Alone."
But I knew I wasn't alone.
"I wasn't alone mum."
She looked deeply into my eyes.
"I was with Cherry. Remeber?"
she looked puzzled.
I felt a sudden twist in my stomach.
"How's Cherry?" I asked.
"Cherry-my best friend! Cherrissa Ferrs?"
mum looked gobsmacked.
"I Said how's Cherry?"

The next day, I hobbled down the road to Cherry's house. My stomach twisted when I reached her door. Deep breaths, and... knock knock knock. Strange. Try the back door. Still no answer. I pulled open the winow and pulled myself in, taking care not to knock my leg. All I could see was cobwebs, dust and complete emptiness. Desolate. Like no-one had lived here for 100 years. I slumped on the floor and curled into a ball. "Oh Cherry. Where did you go?"
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