I can't explain how this came to happen. And why it happened to me. They have been stolen, and i think I'm to blame.


2. nightmare

I woke up drenched in sweat. Then, I remembered my nightmare. I dragged myself out of my soaking wet bed and trudged over to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I thought to myself "Why the re-occuring nightmares?" The thought of this sent chills down my spine.

After my shower I got dressed and headed off out. I was supposed to be at school, but I was too angry and tired. Cherry slowly dragged herself behind me. When she'd agreed to skive off school with me, I don't think this was what she had in mind. "Annie, where are we going, because I-I don't normally do this. I want to know where we are going. ANELLINA! Are you even listening? Oh. Nonononono. I'm not going in there." I was getting annoyed with her. All she did was moan. "Look, Chez. If you haven't got anything interesting to say then shut your gob." I shouted. I crept into the bonehouse.

Cherry the wimp wouldn't come in with me. My hair got tangled on the wire. I felt someone following me, only this was different from the nightmare. I turned round to see Cherry standing a few meters away from me. "You gave me a right scare!" I whispered. I looked back at Cherry. She was hunched over in a ball. "WHAT'S UP?" I shouted. Then, that's when i saw it. The same thing i saw in my nightmare. Pulling my best friend to the floor. I wasn't just going to stand there. So I jumped towards her. But it was too late. I fell to the floor with an emormous THUD! My head hit it first. And you know when the say "Out like a light"? I literally was.
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