I can't explain how this came to happen. And why it happened to me. They have been stolen, and i think I'm to blame.


1. alone

I was being followed. And everywhere i ran, it ran right behind me. It's breath rattling in it's dying throat. It was getting closer. I couldn't breathe, and i was getting tired. It was making small groaning sounds in its throat. No, it wasn't moaning. It was saying my name, my name was getting louder as i slowed down. A thin, wispy hand yanked me backwards. I fell down and took what I thought would be my final breath, that was the only moment i would love to be doing all of the things i hated. As i fell, i realised where i was. I was in the 'bonehouse'. A small rundown, abandoned warehouse that people died in. My friend Cherry once told me how her dad had been stuck in the fire, and about how the flames trapped him and licked away at his broken body. I was in the bonehouse, and lets face it. I was hardly going to survive. I felt nothing. Blackness. Death. Then, the pain came...
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