the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


7. thinking .


As I went home on the bus and thought to myself " all those people, including the teachersaide that April was bad news " . Maybe there's more than meets the eye. I herd her father say on her first day" she just's wants to learn". What does that mean!" and Colin saying about draging down another student. And Jenny saying April was bad news. When I got home my phone went of. It was April ringing. As I was about to answer , I thought about the insadents so I hung up on her. Itwas so mean of me ,but  just for a while I'll keep my ears open and deer I say it , do research on her ! Who knows , maybe I'll prove them all wrong and show them that April is just a normal quite girl . Bye.





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