the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


12. the day.

On that horrible friday , was the most frighting of them all. I will never forget it.We were all going to a Coldplay concert(well except, April).As we were going to our last class , we were talking about the concert . I saw a quick glance at April . She had a long face on her. When the boys were annoying Colin about us being an item, he just put his arm around me.Oh my god! he does'nt make me out to be invisable. But as all of us were talking April cameour ,shouting at me"Hay! You! supose you did'nt get my letter !". A little bit of me knew it was from her, but I just acted shocked. "It was you! You wrote that note!" Colin was getting worried . " What note? Babe, what note did that loser write?!". April just exploded "Oh shut it! She knew it was me! I can't believe you bailed on me! Our friendsh-". I could'nt let her finish that sentence. So, I exsposed her and said that I knew about her terrible past and her bullying ways. Now in my heart I should'nt of said it because she  went mental. Fristly, she threw the lockers down. Then attacked Jenny. Then she screamed punched and kicked anyone in her way until she got to me. She put a knife to my back and screamed "NOW! NOBODY MOVE!!!". There was a fear Icould of died that day ,until Colin   push my down but got stabbed in his side. April was getting away ,But Jenny caught her a held her until the police and ambulance arrived. Jenny was about to be put into the police car. But then she pushed Jenny and in self defence Jenny punched her in the eye. I stayed with Colin and thanked him. I was brought into hospital for a check up.  One month later : April was sent to jail for two years because she also had drugs in her system. At least she'll see her father.          ANGIE:)

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