the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


10. shocking past.(1 month eariler)

Seem's like April was lying to me to me.  She use to live on the bad side of town. With all the volience and drug dealers.  She was thought that if your tough you can get anywhere in life. But when she started in St Patricks school she took up that oat by calling  Jenny mean names and by attacking the boys. By 3rd grade enough was enough and she got exspelled.  And she even pretended to like shy  people just so they would buyand do thngs for her . Then she would just make there lives miserble that some of them went into depression. Then with MrGreen , he use to try and help her father .Then one day when he asked her father to go to rehab for his drug addiction , that night Mr Green's car went up in flames with a voice mail saying "be careful and get out of this street and don't mess  with the system".  And you may think that her father was so polite in the school. Turns out her father is in jail for killing a man in a drucking fight and she lives with her uncle. ..GOD!! ALL THOSE warnings. it's so clear now. what time is it... 12:30pm .I've got school tomorrow. bye.




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