the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


3. saturday



I was so excited about going shopping with April. I wore a pink desined t-shirt and skinny jeans. We were going shopping for dresses.Oh I forgot to tell you that Amber(a girl in my year) is having a party and everyone was invited. When she gave me my invatation,I asked her could April come. and what di she do,she rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath! The nerve! She finally said yes. Anyway, we were in the shopping mall looking at all the dresses. Then when we were going to the food court, some boys from my year were there. When they saw me , they smiled over. But when they saw April ,Colin(the most popular boy in school) and his group came over and shouted " hay you! April! see your gonna drag down another student and throw her to the side line." I stood up for her saying "leave her alone! she did'nt do anything".  they walked of , warning me about April. She was close to tears, so we sat down. I told her about the conversation and the glarers. She  told me that they bullied her in primary school. I am sooo angry. We went home early. I  went straghed up to bed. bye.



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