the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


4. party(4 months earlier)


At 8 o'clock the house party was starting. When I came over there were loads of people and the music was so  loud that I could hear it two houses down. When I was almost at Amber's house , April texted me saying that she did'nt want to go because of the insadent that happened in the mall. I was sad but I went to give Colin and his group a piece of my mind. I knocked on the door and Amber greeted me with a hug. She asked where April was . I said she was sick. Amber was delighted and went over to Jenny. I oerheard her saying " April is'nt here , we can relax an enjoy the party". WHAT WAS THERE PROBLEM!!! Sudenly, I saw Colin with his best friend Max ,who lets say is'nt the sharpest tool in the box. As I went over to him to shout at him, he shockly said " I should'nt of shouted in front of you ,I'm sortry. I'm just trying to protect you". I said softly " protect me from what". Just then April walked in wearing a green top and jeans. Amber ran over and said coldy " I thought you were sick". April looked over at me for support " I lied, she did'nt come because all of you bullied her an I know about primary school."  Everyone looked shocked and Jenny said "what have you been saying to her?!" April said with full honesty "the truth, AND YOU THINK YOU SO GREAT BECAUSE YOU A PRETTY ,POPULAR GIRL WHO' 100% FALSE!"  Jenny smaped and shouted "you cow! You've been feeding her lies!". and they stared a cat fight. I managed to pull April away and she said "come on,Angie we do'nt need Colin and his posses". Max stuiply answered " idoit! were not possumes! Colin rolled his eyes as April and I left. I'm at home now and, and... sorry im...SO UPSET!  I better go. by,bye.




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