the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


2. new girl (5 months earlier)


New day, new leaf in school. To be honest I was'nt the most popular girl in school. Yes people would say hi to me and copliment me if I got a new haircut. So when I got into school there were the popular girls Kate, Jessica and Jenny. They were'nt mean, infact Jenny was the smartest and the most popular girl in school. I went over to my locker,but in front of me there was Miss Ryan (our princepal) with a girl ' who has brown hair, green eyes, small and thin. I assumed she was a new girl in our year. I overheard her father saying " she just wants to learn ! for goodness sakes!" She managed to get out of the talk and came over to me. It was one of those akward moments, I thought to myself "my god I have to say something...MY NAME,of course!". It could be a start of a friendship." hi my name is Angie. "April". 20 minutes past and I found out she was a nice, funny person, so we agreed to hang around at lunch. The bell for class went off so when April went off to class, Jenny came over to me." Angie, do'nt hang around with her, she's bad news". What was she talking about! April was sweet, so I just ignored her. I did'nt mind learning fractions and date of battles because I was counting down the time to lunch. The bell went off for lunch and I  went straight over to April. We talked about school and music.But some of the popular people were glaring over at April. Why? She did'nt do anything.She was just a new girl. At the end of school we exchanged phone numbers. I  did'nt tell her about the glarers and the conversation with Jenny. GRR! I AM SOOOO ANGRY WITH THEM!  I told my parents about April. They were excited. I finish off now . bye









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