the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


8. anger(2 months earlier)


When April got back to school she asked me "why I did'nt text back?" I grew cold and has to think up of a good lie. " I ran out of credit."  Thank god she believed me. Well, how could I say that I  did'nt want to be friends with her and that I was investgating her. But at lunch she stormed up to me and shouted "oh, you really did'nt have credit?" as I looked at my phone it said $20 credit. why did my mum have to buy me credit? I said camly " that I was'nt in the mood". I thought she would understand  but she exploded  with anger. " YOU SILLY COW, HOW COULD YOU!!!" and she went off  for the rest of the day. I was shocked .I mean , come on. Later on at home she text me to say how sorry she was. I falsey said "ok bff". I will find out  what happened at her last school. bye.





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