the terrible past.

I never though it would happen? the mayhem , it was like a seen from CSI. I should of listened to my classmates and teachers .


11. a kiss (1 week eariler)

I have'nt talked to  April in a while now. How could I! . She is also isolating herself from everyone in school. One day ,in P.E., she just walked away from all of us. Anywhay, I don't want to talk about her and say the amazing thing that happened in school today. At lunch I  just wanted to be alone so, I brought in " The treehouse". It's about these children who , whatever they wish for in the treehouse it comes true. It's lame , I know but my mom read it to me when I was younger and it just reminded me of good time's. No peer pressure , no school , no APRIL!!! . What was I talking about ...oh ya ,I was sitting at the back of the school when Colin came over to me( and he was'nt with his group and did'nt really talk to me). In my mind I kept telling myself to play it cool. But when he said "hay" a squeak like a mouse who just drank a latte, came when I said "HI!!" . Grr , why did I have to say "HI!!". As I was about to leave humillated ,Colin said " please don't go. I have to tell you tell you something ."  I was listening to him say that he liked this girl and how she was so pretty and nice and can stand up for herself. I knew he was talking about Jenny, so I told him just to give her a kiss and she will definatly know he likes her. Jenny  would be the luckiest girl in school , knowing that she would have the sweetest guy ever.  Then he kissed me and oh my god , I relised that he liked me. later on in class , All happy and even a little bit smuge. Everyone being nice ( Jenny even invited me to go shopping with her and some other girls from our class  ) and with my dream boy liken me , life was going good. Until , I looked in my locker and there was a note in there. I opened and it read " you think your soo great! don't you ! you better watch your back because by the end of this week , your little world will crumble and you'll be dead". I felt tears in my eyes . Who wrote it? It was definatly April! I this is'nt just a warning to me.. but a warning to everyone in my year."



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