2 people,1 evil sprit and a very hungry demon.


1. Me.

Hi.My name is Darren.Well,at least I think it is.I can't exacly remember after..well,that doesn't matter.That could be told later on.What is the meaning of this is to warn you about the dangers which are hidden in Earth.Some could just dive right in and.Wait.I'm not here to scare you.The main point is to pretect you from the dangers which are unexpected.Nobody(and I mean nobody should have to experience what I have.)

           I remember the day exactly.It was the 21st of May,2011.The sandy yellow sun was shining bright in the sky.Toddlers were riding about on their tricycles,their parent's watching happily.Other's were having a fag on their doorsteps,some looking mardy,others not so much.A gust of wind blow back my long blone hair,which made it go all messy.I hated that.My mum is always calling me a "Ladies Man",teasing me.Eventhough I tell my mum to shut up,I guess deep down that I am,actually.I'm in Year Ten and I possibly,just mabye attract a few girls.  

         At the time,I was walking my dog,BoBo.He was a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel who loved to be taken for walks.BoBo was like my best friend.He always hung out in my bedroom,watched the tv with me and (don't tell my parent's)but I always feed him pizza.No wondoer he was so fat!Anyway,at the time I was about 15 minutes awy from my house when I noticed the secong gust of wind.But this gust of wind was very strong.It knocked BoBo of his feet.And it was then when I saw the Black Figure





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