2 people,1 evil sprit and a very hungry demon.


2. Brave

I stopped straight in my tracks. I didn't know what to do, run after BoBo or stay still, in case this figure came after me. I decided to stay still, and not say a word. Now I was pancaking. What was it? It was all black, and I didn't know if it was a person or not? The figure was tall, about six foot and was it a long coat, if you would say. BoBo was still floating away down the long road that we came down. He was my everything, and I couldn't lose him. So instead of  standing still, I turned and sprinted towards BoBo. When I looked back 5 seconds later to see if the figure was chasing me, there was nothing there except a olive green bush, which was there originally. The strong gust of wind suddenly stopped, resulting in BoBo stopping. I grabbed him, held him tight and ran to my house, screaming like a little girl. 

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