Vengeance of a Bully

A schoolchild, Will, is bullied at school by another kid and descriptive physical abuse included. The consequences of bullying 0 do the right thing and tell someone about it!


2. The Worst Thing

 “Hey, Will, yeah you, or Willie, get over here!” Buck yelled from across the school field. It was the word ‘Willie’ that made me feel timid, people used to tease me for that. When he snarled that at me, I could tell he was angry. Heads swerved in my direction. Obeying orders I began my way, walking slowly towards Buck, staring at the ground. It was as if I was being watched, every heavy foot step, I was getting closer to something I dared not to. Just then, I looked up. Buck was charging right at me, like a raging bull full of energy with mighty power. My feet froze. Then all I knew next was my back and head hurt, I was staring up at the blue sky when I realised that the rage from Buck had forced me down hard to the dry grass. What on earth is he doing? What was the re – I thought about why I was being abused, but my thoughts were interrupted by surge of pain as Buck’s fist was thrust to my stomach. I tried to get free but he had me pinned down. My actions of struggle were directed the wrong way. I had unexpectedly caused a crowd of people to gather to watch what the fuss was about. The almighty hits and instinctive pain which followed now leave me with a scar for life. The second hit ensured the first one hurt because it was forced in about the same place. That definitely left a bruise.  Buck then stood up, I began to crawl; I needed to leave, go home and soothe the pain with some ice. On my exit Buck stood and laughed, I turned and looked his foot was aiming straight at me. Once again, I was hammered to the floor; this kick knocked me down onto the hard ground, another bruise. I felt hopeless lying on the floor, no energy left to escape. This time I lay there, it wasn’t as if I had concussion or had been left unconscious but even though Buck had only hit me three times I knew he wasn’t done. Though I was being, my mind wandered with every kick from Buck and his old friends and the words at which they snarled at me, what was the purpose of all this? Now I had made a determined decision, I must leave and go home. By gathering all my strength left in my body I knew all I had to do was stand up and run, run most of the way home. Being me – Freddo – the observant one, I knew Buck was not as good as he thought. In the past, someone had been fought and they didn’t run fast enough; I know that I could’ve made this run but the fist that came hurtling at me at that specific moment was just too much, straight at my face. When I opened my eyes next it took energy and a lot of effort. Buck spat at the ground next to me. What did he achieve from this? Did Buck do this for his own personal entertainment, because he knew he could beat me; a crowd, to feel like a star or completely tough; a girl who feels that as soon as Buck as done something great she will run straight up to Buck and tell him he was amazing? Was this worth it ,pitching a fight with a geeky guy that can run but can’t fight? I mean even though I’m the one that had been hurt, the fight was pointless.

Before Buck could do any more damage to me, a teacher came. The most pointless thing about this was as soon as she came, I looked up. Miss Warp wouldn’t do anything against Buck instead she just said, “Break up this fight boys.” Honestly, was that it? Though it wasn’t much it did enough to stop me from effortlessly dying (what I felt like at the time).  Buck walked off with his team of Buck followers who looked at me as if I were a disgrace. Once he had gone my friends came from the back of the crowd, “I’m glad you didn’t join in… thanks,” I guess at this point though I said this almost under my breath, they heard every word and somehow I felt more concerned about my friends rather than me. “I feel the bullying has begun again,” that was the last thing I said at school. On my way home, Jamie kind off dragged/ carried me home because we’re neighbours so it kind of works out. As my parents were not at home yet which puzzled me, I stayed at Jamie’s house for a while.

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