Vengeance of a Bully

A schoolchild, Will, is bullied at school by another kid and descriptive physical abuse included. The consequences of bullying 0 do the right thing and tell someone about it!


4. Next

The next strike was when I was walking home from school on my own as Jamie was ill. I walked past the alley, when I was yanked by the arm into the alley. Oh no, I thought, this could only mean one thing, Buck. Yet again I got beat up and with each hit I had figured why he was lashing out on me. His brother had died months ago, but as he brother was bullied once, Buck decided to avenge him; by bullying me. I worked this out by rumours I had heard, but not spread. Also, the reason behind bullying me was because I wouldn’t fight back, not because I couldn’t; I just chose not to. By eventually gathering strength from being physically abused – again – by Buck and his ‘friends’, I called my dad, who picked me up (literally) and took me home. I was virtually covered in ice when my mother returned; she was fretting about what had happened to me. I said that I’d be fine but not this time with my parents. 

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