Vengeance of a Bully

A schoolchild, Will, is bullied at school by another kid and descriptive physical abuse included. The consequences of bullying 0 do the right thing and tell someone about it!


3. My Parents

When my parents did arrive, though simultaneously, I had a feeling that they had been to my school; they would have be ‘notified’ of today’s previous events. This made me feel anxious. I was in trouble, for sure. To my amazement I wasn’t; they only wanted to know if I was okay, well that’s what my mother said. But from my father, something more like, “why are hanging around with guys like that if he is just going to backstab you pretending to be your friend – almost literally!” Though as a family we laughed, my dad was serious, suit jacket off and his tie still on, still perfect from the way it was this morning. I replied with a slight stammer, “dad, he came to us, I didn’t want to agree and it wasn’t my choice.”  

“Why didn’t you walk away?” dad seemed really serious. I bowed my head and threw it into my hands in shame. I went upstairs. I listened carefully to my parents arguing about what had happened whilst reading my emails from my friends; my whole world stopped. Buck sent me an email: Friend, I think that it’s time we settled our differences, it’s either you come to me tomorrow or do I have to find you? Your best friend, Buck

The only thing was that tomorrow was a Saturday, what was I going to do? I was clever enough to realise that if I didn’t go I would become another piece of entertainment; my parents wouldn’t let me go would they? The easy thing was that I didn’t have to go and tell my parents because as I was planning how I going to play this and ‘lie’ to my parents, I didn’t realise my parents were calling me, so they came into my room to see why I wasn’t answering them.  

“You won’t go!” my father exclaimed, my dad was there too – plans and thoughts crushed. I spun around straight away.  

“Dad, I could die. You know what Buck might do to me!” I replied in a hurry, not sure if I was making sense of myself. But it made sense to me.

It was decided that day that I wouldn’t obey Buck’s orders and ‘go to him’ because my dad made the point that Buck was close enough to almost damaging me completely anyway and he would do it again, regardless of when I went to him. We knew that. But what my dad did do was he told my teacher (who passed the message on to other teachers) to keep an eye out for me a break and at lunch. This was to prevent me from coming home drowsy and all beaten up from Buck. I felt like a small child needing to be looked after. The only thing was, was I had no idea whatsoever of Buck’s reasoning to beat me up; as my personal research, in science, I decided to ask one of Buck’s friends (who I knew wouldn’t tell Buck that I’d asked him – he wasn’t) why Buck had ‘beaten me up’ because I had no idea of what I did wrong. On the way home, I told Jamie everything what Buck’s friend in the science class had told me.

Anyway after history the next day, Buck grabbed me by my blazer, he grabbed me close dragged me outside and punched me. I thought that he would continue hitting me and create a crowd, however, to my surprise; he just smiled at me and walked off. But I thought this was weird, but the truth was that this became more like persistent bullying towards me. They thing was, was I didn’t tell anyone about it. It became a hit or two every time he saw me, then in whist playing football is PE he thrashed me down in such a way where I fell in an awkward position, I could’ve almost broken my ankle. I was sent to hospital. I told my parents everything.

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