Vengeance of a Bully

A schoolchild, Will, is bullied at school by another kid and descriptive physical abuse included. The consequences of bullying 0 do the right thing and tell someone about it!


5. Eventually

My parents had decided to take me to school and both of them would tell the headmaster about the situation, I sat outside and I could still hear the conversation. The raised voices of my parents made me feel anxious, eventually I was invited inside to say what had happened to me. My proof was bruises and stupidly Miss Warp. I was told to go to my class when the bell had been rung to signal the beginning of the school day. Buck wasn’t present, throughout the whole day.  

When I got home that day, my parents told me that Buck had been sent to the headmaster’s office to be expelled as severe physical bullying wasn’t tolerated. Instead of me being intimidated, it was him. It wasn’t me, I didn’t bully him but he did get teased slightly by being one of the worst kids in the school. I did hear my teacher say, ‘was it really worth it? Now you’re left with this.’ I knew he now had to clear up his own mess and problems created, himself. He’d do it, just over time.


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