Vengeance of a Bully

A schoolchild, Will, is bullied at school by another kid and descriptive physical abuse included. The consequences of bullying 0 do the right thing and tell someone about it!


1. At First


Vengeance of a Bully

There were more of us but somehow he managed to be the disruptive one. Apparently, he had changed from in a previous year when what happened was mild.  But this was much worse. He pretended to be our friends, but soon it all changed. All it took was one week, one week for it to start.


Over time he had decided to do what he wanted, but at first, it didn’t seem obvious, however gradually the old ‘fearsome’ him returned (which we knew of very well). His first act of suspiciousness was when he started taking one then two of us somewhere. With only three of us left, I decided to do something only I would between all of my friends, ‘spying’, I looked to see  what Buck was planning; though I wouldn’t call this ‘spying’, more like looking out for my friends. It turned out that Buck had gone somewhere else and my friends were hard to find. That night, my friend Jamie emailed me. He informed me that Buck had him and our other friend almost punishing each other for Buck’s pure entertainment purposes. This involved them physically insulting each other – pitching a fight – then Buck would seem all heroic and break up the fight. It was Friday and I tried to keep my distance away from Buck from what had happened, but obviously he wanted the opposite.


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