love me or not?

its about a guy and a girl that cant stay away from each other but still have some issues


5. the move...

I was soo tired after dinner I feel asleep before 10! when I woke up I read my texts and there was three from ryan saying I love you and that then one from tyler saying sorry and two from charley saying tyler said check your phone and we're soo sorry...... we didnt mean to hurt you but when  I got out of bed and went to my mum she said "we need to go" i got confused at first then realised what she meant and ran into my room and started crying.

I didnt know what to do my heart felt like it was shattered into a million pieces. I couldn't leave and I wouldn't my auntie knocked on my door and said "let me in lucy we need to talk"

I felt like screaming you've rewined everything at her she always does when I finally find happiness someone rewins it! I let her in she came up to me and hugged me it wasnt the same as if ryan would. He knew exactly how to approach me in theese types of situations even though we've only been going out 3 weeks I felt right with him.

My antie's name was chloe she was a cleaning freak and I dont know how she does it 7 kids and a husband thats always at work. she must be off her head when she suggested us moving in with her a few weeks ago I never thought my mum would follow through with it i didnt know how to cope if I had to move away from ryan and charley my sister callie came in and told my antie to leave me alone she walked up to me hugged me and whipspered in my ear "its okay i've just rung ryan and told him to meet us in town in 20 minutes he said okay whats happened i said we will explain when we get there just dont think about antie chloe, just come on i'm going to tell mum where we are going and how long we are going to be if she asks just say you need some space okay?" i nooded with tears still dripping down my face when we walked out of my room my mum tried to talk to me but I ignored grabbed my hoddie and walked out of the frount door to find ryan stood at the bottom of my building with my favourite chocolate bar the big one which just lit up my face i ran down the stairs and went strait up to hug him i didn't want to let go!


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