love me or not?

its about a guy and a girl that cant stay away from each other but still have some issues


2. start of relationships

We had become very close as we were in all of each others lessons. He was best friends with james now and as we were good friends with james aswell it was a very good bonus. He sat next to me in art , when james and tyler werent looking i think he actually held my hand which i found wierd as james said he didnt like me but i didn't care i held it back but tyler was looking out the corner of her eye so i stopped.

We had english together without tyler and james and miss.child moved him next to me ...... inside i was screaming with excitment but i had to stay focused so he didnt reconise i was interested.

"erm lacy" he said sounding worried

"yeah" i replied happily

"as this is the only lesson we get alone can i ask you something?"

my heart was screaming YES but my body was saying no in the heat of the moment i said "yes what is it"

he looked happy and replied "we've gotten really close lately and i was wondering if... you... would go out with me?"

for some reason i had this huge smile on my face but i couldnt reply i wanted to say yes he knew i did but everytime i went to open my mouth it just stated shut.

"i take that as a yes?" he asked as he could see i was deffinatly interested. i couldnt reply not because i was still frozen but because i knew emma and georgia were listening ,so i leaned in to whisper in his ear but got caught by miss.child so i quickly said wait for me round by art after lesson when miss wasn't looking.

"if we can get away from james and tyler" he replied then we both laughed then caried on reading to kill a mocking bird

after lesson i saw ryan wonder off towards art as james was to busy with georgia i walked up to charley and tyler and said "guys im spening brunch with someone else sorry see you in science"

they replied with "whoo? tell us we are your best friends"

i said "you'll figure it out soon just please dont follow me!" i walked away towards art i wasnt sure if they could still see me but they werent following so i was happy, i saw ryan he walked up to me smiling the first thing i did was lean in for a kiss but he pulled away and said

"so is it a yes?"

i just carried on beginning to kiss him he was so gentle and his lips were really soft i didnt want to pull away but i pulled away as i saw mr.garwell over my shoulder.

Mr garwell said we were late to lesson so we walked off to science holding hands i couldnt stop smiling and wen we got to science james,tyler and charley were stood there they looked down at our hands and looked back up again ,so i whispered 'kiss me' in ryans ear which he did but i didnt mind i was pretty sure by then they had turned around he walked me to my class then him and james walked off and i walked up to the girls.

Charley said to me " knew it wouldnt take you long to work your way in there, lol"

Tyler nodded in agreement then said "so i take it you two are together then?" i nodded laughing

He was waiting for me outside science, tyler whispered to me "isn't that sweet?"

i replied "you aint seen nothing yet"

he sat next to me at lunch and in textiles, tyler kept coming over as he was sat in her seat but i kept telling her to go away i swear she's jealous


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