love me or not?

its about a guy and a girl that cant stay away from each other but still have some issues


4. cinema

Woke up at 6 REALLY excited i really didnt know what to do about it i was sat up till about 9 o'clock trying to do my make up trying to find the right lipstick that went with my outfit it was REALLY annoying. i just got out of the bedroom went in the kitchen to check my phone i had a text saying "morning babey hope you slept well cant wait for today gunna be amazing as im spending it with you cant wait to see you soon babey love&miss you" it put the biggest smile smile in my life on my face knowing he was thinking about me.

We got into town and he took me up to the cinema and got our tickets then he said "what was going on with you Tyler and charley yesterday then babe"

"They were judging me because I said yes to coming to town& the cinema with you even after what happened with charley and elliot but all I could reply was I dont care I really like him and I trust him& I want to be with him and if you dont like it then you an go find someone else to be there for you&care&love you"

he smiled and said "i love you too babe" he leaned in to give me a kiss ovidsly i kissed back i loved the way he knew excatly where to hold me and what to do. When I pulled away he hugged me tight until I said "babe, we are gunna be late for our film he grabbed my hand and held it tight I looked down at his hand to see "ilovelucy" written on it I smiled as we walked into the film.

We watched the film and everytime there was a romantic scene he looked over to me squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek.

After the film he bought me lunch, even though it was in mcdonalds I loved it and love spending time with him.

He walked me home just as he started to kiss me my mum opened the door so he kissed my cheek and said goodbye to me and my mum.

I walked into my house after I saw him walk down the stairs and wave at me from the bottom I had no-care in the world what my mum had to say and just walked strait into my room and turned on my laptop, first message was from tyler saying "dont come crying to me if you get hurt" second from charley saying"no matter what tyler says i will always be your best friend and i hope you had a good time!"

I really cant be bothered with tyler anymore she moans to much and ghe would turn ets to jealous of me and ryan. To be honest i just want to go up to her punch her in the face and say get over yourself  your pathetic but then james would hate me and he would turn ryan against me so im just gunna ignore her for a while cause she knows to leave me alone then and she did.

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