love me or not?

its about a guy and a girl that cant stay away from each other but still have some issues


1. the meet

it was early Monday morning going back to school today woke up got school uniform on, put on my face, ate breakfast and left to meet my best friend Charley.

we walked to school and at school several times people said we looked different its probably the hair dye and the summer in the sun we both had.

"hey guys" Tyler screamed ran up tp hug me "ive missed you so much"

"we've missed you to babe" i replied "how was your summer"

"it was good but i missed you loads oh yeah that reminds me lacy,charley  you know james"

james walked over to us hugged and said "hey guys i want you to meet my new friend ryan he's new here i want him to feel like he is welcomed so please be nice and dont stare oh here he comes"

"why would we st..."

"hi my name is ryan i'm new here"

even though he said not to we all couldnt help but to stare he had a lazy eye no-one wanted to say anything but we all new he knew we were starring i turned aroun and pulled tyler and charley away we knew it was mean to stare and talk about some one behind there back but thats what we were good at, we couldnt help it.

"omg did you see his eye" i said

"no we didnt lacy thats why we were staring at it"they both replied

"then how could...." i cut myself off because i realised a little to late they were being sarcastic "not gunna finish that sentance im soo blonde "

"i think it would be best if you didnt" charley said to me" uh oh james coming"

"guys i thought i told you not to stare, it was really akward for him he is really embarrassed lacy go talk to him your the best one for awkward situations"

"ohh thanks nice to know you know what im good at"

they said something spiteful as per usual but i ignored them and walked over to were ryan was standing al of a sudden i couldnt help it but my palms were sweating and i found him irrisistable i needed to say something i felt like a fool ermmm..........."ryan what lessons have you got first?"

"erm english and spanish, i think" we giggled together.

i replied "sames, i will walk with you" suddenly i didnt want to leave him i walked behind him just to get a glimpse........

OMG i love the way hes school trousers are just tight enough around his bum and how amazing he looks,other than then the eye thing he's PERFECT!!!!!


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