The bully is always the one in the wrong, but what if you retaliate?What if you fight back? What if you cant take it, what happens then? Are you punished while the bully escapes-but maybe they cant maybe your anger prevents them from getting away? Maybe its you...


3. Henchmen

"Why didn't you reply to me on Facebook last night?" There was a slight pause where Jason pushed me into the wall, but then he continued "Why?" I swallowed hard and tried to mention that I had 'accidentally' smashed up my laptop but he wasn't going to listen... "Boys!"

When he exclaimed that it always meant his two friends would reluctantly come to beat me up; take my lunch money all the classics, and Jason (the real bully) wouldn't even need to lift a finger. His henchmen were Alex Randon and Tom French, Alex used to be the hottest, and most popular boy in our year but then Jason came along and all Toms followers moved on, except one of them...


Suddenly the shrill school bell rang and I forgot my thoughts of Alex and focused on the pain of the bruises, scars, cuts and grazes that had just been imprinted in my pale skin.

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