The bully is always the one in the wrong, but what if you retaliate?What if you fight back? What if you cant take it, what happens then? Are you punished while the bully escapes-but maybe they cant maybe your anger prevents them from getting away? Maybe its you...


4. Geography

-Writers note- Recently i realised I have made a slight error in my previous chapter and it is meant to say Alex, here:

" Alex used to be the hottest, and most popular boy in our year but then Jason came along and all TOMS followers moved on, except one of them..

oops! Sorry about this!!!!



I heard the whispers, everyone one was looking, staring at me because yet again I was the victim. Then I looked at my time table and noticed my next lesson "Dam!" Another boring geography lesson and to make it worse Alex had been re-setted and now he was in the bottom set, with me. 

You know the saying "Time flies bye when your having fun" Well lets just say sitting next your crush; who has just beaten you up is not great- so lets just say this is going to be a very loooooonnnnnngggg lesson...

"...And that is why the UK and the mainland drifted apart..." My geography teacher finished, then he glanced up the clock and noticed we still had another 15 mins left, so he continued "With your partners I want you to create a diagram which shows the process that the united kingdom went through during this the period"

Me and Alex both managed to gaze into each others eyes simultaneously. His as pure as the sea but they still managed to express happiness and sadness at the same time.

I could have never have guessed what happened next: Alex opened his mouth and asked me "Are you OK?"




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