The bully is always the one in the wrong, but what if you retaliate?What if you fight back? What if you cant take it, what happens then? Are you punished while the bully escapes-but maybe they cant maybe your anger prevents them from getting away? Maybe its you...


2. Anger

Here I am lying on my bed with my laptop, as heavy as a lead balloon, watching the evil words imprint themselves in my mind, never to be forgotten, never to be forgiven-just there... What am I meant to do? Both my parents died in a car crash when I was 3, sometimes I wished I'd died with them. I notice another message ping on my laptop screen- she has gone to far this time. Suddenly I spring to my feet, tears spurting down my cheeks, then my laptop became unclasped from my shaking hands whacking against my bedroom wall "Oops."

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