Kelsie is 15 and a very pretty girl. When she a new, mysterious boy starts working at the local shop, Kelsie instantly falls in love with him. But this boy hides secrets, and he doesn't want to be anything but friends with Kelsie. She won't stop trying, until she discovers his darkest secret yet...


1. Meeting Joe.

As I walked along the windy street,my long black hair blowing in my face, leaves danced noisily beside me. An orange leaf was fluttering around my knees; stamping on it, I made it crunch. It was a typical Autumn morning. Windy and cold. And a typical Saturday morning -  work. It's only a Saturday job at the local corner shop, but sometimes, I wished I could ditch it.

"Hi, Kelsie." Trudy said, as I chucked my bag on the desk, and slumped into the old chair. "Hey" I replied.

"Uh! Take this bag off of the desk, I have to serve customers on here!" She moaned, thrusting my bag at me. "And get up, put your apron on, you know what it's like only having two of us working here! Well, now it's three..."

"Huh? What do you mean!" I cried.

"We've got a new boy starting today. He's sixteen, two years older than you." Trudy explained.


"Kelsie! I think he said his name was um, ur, Joe?"

"Yeah, that's it! Hi, I'm Joe, the new boy?" A third deep, handsome voice spoke.

I glanced up at he boy who had just walked in, and that's when my mouth dropped....


A tall 6ft, very hot guy was stood in front of me, smiling. The tips of his shaggy, dirty blonde hair were poking his eyes. As I stood up, he flicked it out of his eyes, making me jump.

"Sorry, Kelsie, I didn't mean to make you jump." Joe said.

"Oh no, it's okay!" I said nervously. "Wait, how did you know my name?"

" Trudy told me of course! I like that name, it's beautiful."Joe smiled.

I didn't reply to that, I just stood there, stupidly, biting my lip.

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