Annoying stuff my brothers do

Meet Anna. She has three younger brothers. She has been fighting for the rights of privacy , dignity and genral hygiene for as long as she can remember. But soon her life becomes a lot more harder with a slightly abusive best friend who is too connected to her crush and the mysterious Mike from across the road who lately has been acting very strangely. Will she be able to hold on to her hat on a emotional yet very amusing roller coaster or will everything spiral out of contral?


4. Too good to be true. Well it is a love story

May 23rd 6am


woke up well early this morning so decided to write  happened later....

"What did you ask him?" Georgie asked in her cute squeaky voice

"Soz babes , can't tell you that." I said " Becks look theres your chance he just left the table!"

"Oh, what if he says no?" Becks bit her lip anxoiusly.

"Its his loss. Go for it." Sophie said

Becks jumped up and wandered up to Ryan shyly. That next monments consisted of a shoked Ryan a Imature comment from an eavsdropping Ed. A shout of abuse to him from Sophie and a happy couple.

Becks half ran and walked exitedly to us "He said yes!!!!" Becks squeaked

"I would never guessed!" I joked

"Oy!" Sophie slapped me quite hard.

"Honestly!" I gave Sophie the evils

"Thats not nice she was only joking." Georgie snapped at Sophie. Georgie is so funny when she's angry. Shes like a hamster trying to kick down a concrete wall.

"Its too good to be true!" I smiled

But then again love stories are always cheesy.





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