Annoying stuff my brothers do

Meet Anna. She has three younger brothers. She has been fighting for the rights of privacy , dignity and genral hygiene for as long as she can remember. But soon her life becomes a lot more harder with a slightly abusive best friend who is too connected to her crush and the mysterious Mike from across the road who lately has been acting very strangely. Will she be able to hold on to her hat on a emotional yet very amusing roller coaster or will everything spiral out of contral?


2. The proof of the pudding is in the asking out.

7pm May 21 sunday

Well at the sleepover Becks told me and Sophie (who after all. turned up.) that she was going to ask Ryan Olivander (God she has an obsession with that boy. She manages to bring him up into every conversation. She must have gone to hogwarts in a former life. It explains the attaction. You will only get that if you have read Harry Potter.) out on a date . Which happened to be the time my brother , Zak walks in. "ooooooo someone's in luuuuurve!!!!" was followed by some childish giggles and kissy noises. "Oh shut up Zak. Just because you'll never get one when you're older" I snapped. I was tried of these immature outbursts when anyone mentions anything to do with relationships round here. "Well Miss .... Grumpy .. Pants!" He stormed of. "Well back to sanity." Sophie sighed " So Becks what were you thinking of doing. Well maybe Pizza or Film I was just focusing on the ask out point first." suddenly my mothers planning genes to course. "Well Becks. I think we should plan this properly but keep it basic . To much planning this will go downhill. First Apperence :Nice and natural . No boy wants to see a caked on plastic face. Just wait for a moment he's alone and ask him. If he says no don't try and make out it was a dare just 'okay see you around' type thing then of us for a cadburys , ben and jerry's and girls movies night in. Okay babes?" I finished. Becks smiled "I'm lucky to have friends like you." she smiled "this is too much of a crappy rom com film . Enough of boys . What shall we do now?" Sophie laughed "well my straighters and curling tongs should be warm enough now." I said and we started picking styles out of magazines. Sophie can be such a hypocrite. She always goes on about beng Mrs styles or even Mrs Bieber. I know . At least Becks talks about relationships that could happen instead of imaginary fantasies. Anyway I wonder what will happen tomorrow. Well as the say the proof is in the pudding. And the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
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