Annoying stuff my brothers do

Meet Anna. She has three younger brothers. She has been fighting for the rights of privacy , dignity and genral hygiene for as long as she can remember. But soon her life becomes a lot more harder with a slightly abusive best friend who is too connected to her crush and the mysterious Mike from across the road who lately has been acting very strangely. Will she be able to hold on to her hat on a emotional yet very amusing roller coaster or will everything spiral out of contral?


3. Juicy secrets are the best secrets.

May 22 5.30pm Monday

There was a very strange atmosphere at lunch today. We were all sitting at a table in the canteen today when Ryan came up to our table and asked to speek to ME. Please,"Please don't ask me out" I cried In my head of course it would have been wierd otherwise and slightly alarming . Like the time my parents had to come in cause Zak told his teacher he took drugs. In which he ment calpol. But actually he only wanted to ask if my brother Sam would want to come to hs brothers party and handed me an invite he also added if Becks was ok as she was slightly caught up in her own romantic thoughts. I said " Um I hope so." He smiled.

"Well she is pretty strange.But in a good way. She's quite pretty as well." He blushed. I knew exactly what he was thinking. How could he get out of this one."And so are you.... Isn't everyone in their own light?" he had gone the coulor of red wine. Ha, creates a whole new meaning to the phrase drunk on love.

"Yeh." I replied unconvinced I really overacted to show that which made him blush even more and eventually I broke the ice "Well I should be getting back to my friends. See you around." The millisecond I sat own I was bombarded with questions. "What did he say?" Becks asked at once "oh... He just wanted to invite my brother to a party." I said. Becks sighed

 "Well Becks wat do you think he was going to say?" Sophie snapped. ' thats a bit harsh' I thought but I didn't want to have my head bitten off too so I kept quiet. But then I had an idea.

" Two secs guys I forgot to tell Ryan something." I wandered to his table "Heya Ryan I forgot to ask you something."

"Oh get a room!Ed called out

"Oh.. get a life!" I snapped " Alright trust me I won't tell her but do you like Becks?" I asked . Ryan blushed "Well shes a nice friend and all that yes....." he mumbled "oh just tell me its plainly obvious!"

"Yes alright I do!!!! Is it against the law to fancy someone?"

"Oooh someones at their time of the month!" Ed cried

"Fuck off Ed!!!" Ryan and I said in unison. We both laughed until he whispered

"Promise you won't tell OK?" I smiled

"Maybe..." And walked off. I had a very good secret to tell.

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