Annoying stuff my brothers do

Meet Anna. She has three younger brothers. She has been fighting for the rights of privacy , dignity and genral hygiene for as long as she can remember. But soon her life becomes a lot more harder with a slightly abusive best friend who is too connected to her crush and the mysterious Mike from across the road who lately has been acting very strangely. Will she be able to hold on to her hat on a emotional yet very amusing roller coaster or will everything spiral out of contral?


1. The curious incident of the cookies in the afternoon

May 20 6.30 pm
Omg what a day
My brothers always decide to raid the kitchen on the day I have sleepovers ! There like squirrels .... Ninja squrrels. Anyway when I say raid I mean SAS type raid. Everything edible is kept locked away in their little dens or chubby cheeks (just like squirrels, come to think of it.) anyway Becks will be here any minute. I wonder what we will eat? Oh yeh mums gone shopping, and she's paying with their savings hahaha lol! Anyway at least I have the cookies ! (tucked away under my bed.) wait even their gone. God I'm going to kill them . Becks will probably report mum and dad to social services when she sees the bare cupboards apart from tesco value corned beef Honestly how buys dog food for humans? Oh yeh , my dad.
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