The diary of a 11 year old girl from Malawi, Africa. Her father is dead and her mother is very ill, she has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. She has to get food, look after her siblings and going to school is the last thing on her mind. Can she ever think of having a good future?


1. Intro


My name is Doli. Im 11 years old and im from Malawi in africa. You hate your life well some people wish they had it. I have never tasted chocolate or anthing other than water. I have to walk miles just to get a few litres of water. I have two brothers and 3 sisters. I dont have a dad or a mom really beacuse she is sick. Really sick. She drank dirty water with parasites in it. Although im still young i dont go to school and i doubt i have a future. I live in a shelter and a share a room with all my family. You are so lucky.

Still hate your life?

This is my diary so read on.
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