A glimpse of love


1. Chapter 1

Amelia turned to Cassie, her permanent smile that looked like it had been painted on beamed in her face. Her eyes told a story that only a friend this close could understand, they glistened with hope and longing for that one thing, or in this case, that one person. Amelia was not the only person here wanting that one thing, as she was pushed even more intimately close to a bouncer by a red haired girl behind her clutching a poster with a familiar teenage girl on it. They had all been her since 4:35am, standing outside this hotel in the freezing cold. It was now 8am. This was not Cassie’s ideal way of spending her Sunday morning, she would much rather be studying for her math’s GCSE the next morning,  but she knew how much this meant to Amelia and couldn’t let her go alone. The deafening sound of screams and screeches bounced from one pair of lips to another, swerving its way around the frantic waving arms. Starving cries and tears buzzed in Cassie’s ears. She felt as if she was at the local zoo at feeding time. The metal door handle fell a few millimeters and a chorus of gasps and whimpers worked its way through the crowd of girls, they soon turned into high pitched squeals. A brown haired girl peered her head around the door; she was holding a small dog in her arms. The dog looked Amelia straight in her eyes.  Her heart stopped and she felt her legs turn to jelly. Her whole body almost crumbled to the ground in shock, she steadied herself, her smile still tattooed high on her cheeks.  Amelia’s life was complete, she had seen her true love this close, he had noticed her, he had looked her straight in the eye. Those few seconds were worth the waiting for hours in the cold, just for that one glimpse of her main man, Pudsey.

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