Sometimes i wonder... why me....

15 year old Paris Jordan, is bullied. No-one understand what she's going through. The bullies think they are cool to bully Paris, but their wrong.

But one of the bullies gang members turns out to like her and really wants to help her out. Will it be the end of the road for her or the bullies?


7. What happened to me. Paris. Again.....

I watched Kelon in the hospital, holding my hand whispering to me. I heard every word. Come back, come back, come back. I looked towards my gaurdian angel, his wings spread out. He had tanned skin and a roman guy outfit, whatever they're called. I pleaded with him, begging to go back. He finally shifted and disappeared. He came back, with a scroll.

'God says you can go back, but you will be able to see ghosts. You will have to help them though.'

'Like on Ghost Whisperer?' I asked.

'Yes, so.

Goodbye Paris, we will see you when... you know.' Then a light flashed in front of my eyes, and I was back in my body. I opened them slowly, and saw Kelons smiling face, tears dripping off his face towards the floor. I hugged him tightly, never wanting to let go.


'No, don't speak. I should have protected you or something. Babe, I love you. I will never let you go.' I smiled at that. He never lied.



So this ending, is a new beginning....


Chenel was put into jail for attempted murder, which kinda pleased me. Don't hate me or anything, but everytime I think of what she done to me I thought of how she deserved it. Since we were all fourteen, she is one of the youngest people ever to go to jail. I never said my age before because it's wierd, telling a stranger my age. Gives me the creeps. Fun. Kelon and me were still dating, greeting each other with a hug everytime we saw each other. We had both dyed our hair as well. Mine was smokey red, while his was now jet black, with purple streaks. He done it to impress me as it is my favourite colour. Yay. Everyone respected me now, no one laughed at me or hurt me. I was happy, Kelon was happy, everyone was happy. Persephone and Judy had moved house to Scotland, but we still kept in touch. As for Sabina, she left for Wales again. As with her I kept in touch. We had all gone separate ways and was walking down them with happiness. Maybe one day we would cross paths again. But we would never forget what happened to Chenel and what she done. Like I, now, always say :


Sometimes I wondered... why me.....

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