Sometimes i wonder... why me....

15 year old Paris Jordan, is bullied. No-one understand what she's going through. The bullies think they are cool to bully Paris, but their wrong.

But one of the bullies gang members turns out to like her and really wants to help her out. Will it be the end of the road for her or the bullies?


5. The text message that ended my life

This was the worst and best day I had had in my life! I just got the daily text:


Hello, bitch, just got told you're little sercret! Don't worry, it will, not be spread..... or will it?t?? 

I had found out that the sender was Chenel. No prizes. My life was misrable. My life, I just want it to end I thought, as I packed my bags for the school day. I got on the bus, Chenel singing, awfully out of tune, about me and my drug addicted parents. Not true. Yes I have a secret  that no-one knows, but I really don't want to tell anyone. Alright, I'll tell you, but... If I hear that you told everyone, you'll be dead.  My grandfather is dying. We had to move, he made me promise to be as brave to bullies as I was to the populars at my old school. I was braking a promise, thats why Chenel is getting to me easier than before. He doesn't have long to live, and she's making it worse for me. BEEP BEEP, my phone just as I left the door.

My old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and cackling, “You’re next!”

After a while, I figured out how to stop them. I started doing the same thing to them at funerals! Wat does this mind you of? Your Grandfather?


I slammed my phone into my bag and sat, my head in my hands. More beeps, more messages

Bitch, whore, slut, slag, tramp, hooker, gaybo, lesbo...,  and some new ones, I don't want to say. Once I was at school, I found Persephone, Judy and Sabina and told them. The gasped. 

'Gosh Paris, this is getting serious. You might have to tell someone now...' 

'No, I'll wait. If it gets even worse I'll tell.' They smiled, shaking their heads. I walked to Chenel, as she was talking to Natiliee, Danyell wasn't in as she wasn't there.

'Chenel, when did you get my number?'

Why, Paris, I can hacked into people's phones an get numbers.... didn't you know that?'

'Chenel, that could go to the police! Would you want to get arrested?' Chenel paused, crossing her arms.

'Well, if she takes that to the police, I would spread the rumor. How about that then?' I stopped in my tracks. I couldn't, I just couldn't. I ran, hearing Chenel's laugh fill the air, tears streaming my eyes. I opened the girls bathroom door and ran in.

'Paris, what secret?' Sabina asked, catching my arm.

'MY GRANDAD'S DYING!!! SOMEONE FOUND OUT AND HOW BETTER TO TELL THAN CHENEL?' I screamed. The stared, thank god no-one was in the bathroom at the time.

'It's okay, Paris. We'll tell someone, your secret will be safe.'

'You heard her, it will be spread. It's not funny. Guys... she's ruining my life. Badly.' Tears poured down my face, resembling a waterfall. Sabina hugged me. Judy and Persephone joined in.

'It'll be okay Paris, it will get better.' I just loved Sabina's Welsh voice. I loved them all.


Chenel was an proper BITCH!!! She didn't keep her promise and told everyone. Some wished he got better, others laugh and asked how the prayers were coming. She also said I was praying. I wasn't okay? I was wishing. Chenel made a laughing stock. I know I shouldn't get worked up about it, but it was a personal matter and I loved my Grandfather. His death made me cry alot. He had died through the night. I told Persephone the next day, not seeing one of Chenel's spys passing She ran to Chenel, who told everyone. The pityers pityed again, other laughed even harder telling me praying wasn't enought than eh? I couldn't take it. I ran to my art class, I wanted to be there. I grabbed a pair of scissors, and dropped my bag. I cut my fore arm alittle, tears sprining in my eyes from the pain. I opened them, and held them up in the air. I dropped my arms towards my stomach. But someone, grabbed my arms, before I stabbed myself. Looked up. It was the boy. Kelon.......

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