Sometimes i wonder... why me....

15 year old Paris Jordan, is bullied. No-one understand what she's going through. The bullies think they are cool to bully Paris, but their wrong.

But one of the bullies gang members turns out to like her and really wants to help her out. Will it be the end of the road for her or the bullies?


6. The end of the road?

Kelon looked at me, his blue eyes full of pain. His pale skin glowing lightly. His ginger hair was spiked and gelled, were as he would normally have it down hiding his eyebrows slightly, it coming down to his neck line. His muscley body from playing Football, was hidden in a grey hoodie. Tall, about my height, made it easier for me to meet his eyes.

'What are you doing Paris?' I cried into his chest, my fat tears crawling down his shirt. He cradled me. Basking in my tears. Once I finished crying I explained to Kelon what happened and what I was about to do.

'Paris... you don't need to kill yourself over that bitch. Your pretty and gorgeous, even more than Chenel.'

'Kelon, I'm ugly. I hate my appearance. I have a fat body, disgusting clothes, horrible face. I'm a freak creation. God wanted to make a horrible human, to be destroyed. I'm minging. Look at me! No one likes me and I will never get anyone to love me.' He smilled gently.

'Paris, don't listen to her. You are gorgeous and I love you.' Without warning, he kissed me on my lips. I couldn't help but kiss him back. He was handsome, and I think I fell for him. Once he pulled away, I smiled. He made me realise how much I needed to tell someone about this. The bullying. So Kelon took me to Mr. Goodwill, to talk to him. It helped a lot, but when Chenel found out she would kill me!!! No matters, my parents would know now and help me through this. Kelon was the one who helped. I invited him to come to my place, which he happily agreed to do. Chenel saw him and waved at him to get to the back. He glared at her and sat next to me. BEEP BEEP, my phone went off again but I deleted it without checking it. Kelon came to my house and had dinner. We talked about Chenel, and how we hated her. Kelon was bullied by her, until he started to date her cousin. I was shocked.

'The reason I dumped Michelle after a week was because I didn't love her. She just came up to me and said I was her boyfriend, no exceptions. I was bewildered. I never liked her.' I started to laugh along with Kelon. He smiled at me before tapping my shoulder.

'Paris, do like me?'

'Yeah.' Pause.

'Would you go out with someone you really liked?'

'Kelon, what are you getting at?' Pause. A really long pause.

'Paris... would you go out with me?' I sat stunned. I never talked to him much, only when going to class or free time. But I loved him now, I really wanted to go out with him.

'Yeah, sure. Also it would make Chenel jealous.' He chuckled slightly. His phone vibrated on the table. He picked it up and looked at the message.

'Have to go. Looking after my brothers tonight.'

'Can I help?'

'Sure.' I grabbed my coat, told my mum and left for Kelon's.


Two months later...


Of course Chenel hated me so much, but she couldn't say anything to us. I loved Kelon and he loved me. But Chenel got a bit too angry. She walked over to me, Kelon, Persephone, Judy and Sabina. We were minding our own buissness when a scream came from across the courtyard (as I call it).

'BITCH STOP MESSING WITH ME!!' It was Chenel marching towards me, pen in hand.

'Calm down Chenel, look it doesn't.....'

'OF COURSE IT DOES WHORE!' Chenel screamed running to me, eyes piercing my face. She flicked her pen to reveal a glinting silver object. A knife. She rammed it into my stomach, hatred jagging me everywhere. A teacher saw her though, so he ran to her.

'CHENEL WALKER!!!! HEAD'S OFFICE NOW!' I saw a black light. It was dragging my soul. I heard Kelon shouting for me to come back.

'Sorry' were my last words, before the black light dragged me away.

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