Sometimes i wonder... why me....

15 year old Paris Jordan, is bullied. No-one understand what she's going through. The bullies think they are cool to bully Paris, but their wrong.

But one of the bullies gang members turns out to like her and really wants to help her out. Will it be the end of the road for her or the bullies?


3. The bullies

My first school day was...... wasn't what I hoped. Infact, it was crap. I had walked in, just as a group of girls with the heavist make-up I had ever seen came crashing into me.

'Hey, watch were your going. You could harm someone.' the girl turned and stared.

'Hey yourself. Maybe, instead of looking at the floor, you would look out for other people who might be walking infront of you slut.' She walked off, her friends dying with laughter. I glared after her, wishing I could burn people just by staring at them. I walked back into the school and sitting at one of the tables in the dining hall. I sat staring at the clock, hoping the bell would go soon. A group of girls, with a lot of make up, were walking towards me, giggling over something, I don't know what. Then, as they got closer, I realised that these were the very girls at the bus stop. Just, their guy friend wasn't with them.

'Did you get my notes?' One asked, her purple hair piled about five feet high.

' Yeah. Your the one with the bad grammar. God, didn't your teacher tell you about grammar, or are you dumb?' I glared at her, her face speechless and shocked.

'No-one. Speaks. To. Me Like That. And Gets. Away With It.' she said.

'Oh how scary, look at me, I'm shaking.' I said, pretending to shake.

'Get real mate.' I smirked viciously. The girl group walked away, flicking their hair as they walked, murmuring. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

'You stood up to Chenel and group?' a girl asked, smiling wickedly.

'Yeah so...?' I said shrugging my shoulders.

'Well, no-one has stood up to them before. But you'll regret it. I'm Persephone. Pronounced Per-sef-on-y. These people here, are Judy and Sabina.' I looked at Persephone. She had electric blue hair and white eyes. Contacts. She was wearing some sort of shirt, unbuttoned, and a electric pink striped tie. It had pins and staples in it and a black vest top. On her bottom half she was wearing a mini-skirt with thin leggings. She also had purple heels!!! Judy was wearing the same clothes and looked alot like Persephone. They must be twins. Then there was Sabina. She had grey eyes and black hair. Black, skin tight jeans and a black top. Dressed like an Emo. Though she smiled and didn't act like an Emo. Wonder why. I smiled back to the group.

'I'm Paris. Paris Jordan. I moved here from London.' Persephone smiled.

'We heared.'

The bell went as soon as I had got to know them. They were in all my classes so I was quite happy with that. We walked to reggie and clamboured into Mr. Delvin's class giggling.

'Girls, you are five minutes late.' His eyes fell apon me.

'Well, who do we have here? Miss Jordan is it?' I nodded. I stummbled into a seat next to Persephone, and smiled at her discreetly. 



We filed out of Mrs. Dublin's room, Gaelic. I was walking to the end of the corridor, to wait for Persephone, Judy and Sabina, when Chenel, and her friends, who I had found out they were called Natiliee and Danyell, were right behind me. I just kept on walking, when Chenel stuck her foot out and tried to trip me up. I stumbled, making Brain McClaurey laugh.

'Oops, sorry. You're fat ass was blocking my way. You whore.' She walked away, with Natiliee and Danyell, laughing away. God I so hated them. I think I broke my promise of not standing back and crying. I rushed to the bathroom and cried. Cursing Chenel, Natiliee and Danyell under my breath.

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