Sometimes i wonder... why me....

15 year old Paris Jordan, is bullied. No-one understand what she's going through. The bullies think they are cool to bully Paris, but their wrong.

But one of the bullies gang members turns out to like her and really wants to help her out. Will it be the end of the road for her or the bullies?


2. 1. What happened to me. Paris

As the sun hit me in the face, I smiled. It made my blond hair shine, my green eyes sparkle. My tall figure made a gaint shadow on the wall as I passed and, my face glowed. My skin glowed a soft tan. I was wearing as little make-up as I wasn't a huge make-up fan. My school outfit was dark bluey- purple jeans and a purple jumper over a white vest top, and deep purple knee-high shoes. No-one I knew had shoes like mine. The reason: I had coloured the white shoes into deep purple. Me and my family had left England, to live in Ireland. New house, new nieghbors, new school, new start as my dad always says. I stood at the bus stop. As soon as I showed up, some girls and a guy started to whisper about me. Oh well. I didn't care. People could talk about me and would I stand back and cry? No, I would smile and take it as a joke. The bus came down the hill. As the doors opened, I jumped on. I grabbed the seat at the front as people passed and glanced at me. No-one sat next to me, though I didn't care. I plugged my I-pod in and blared Cloud Dreamers. A heavy metal band. Don't sound like a heavy metel band, but the songs they sing are so cool. Half-way to school, I was hit in the head. I felt behind me and felt a piece of scrunched up paper. I opened it, and read the note.


Dear Loser,

"Welcome to the scool! We hope you have a misreable time heer!!!! I bet, you're a kid who's parants are in trouble with the polece. I can sense it. Once again, hope you have a misreble time at Gotlithe High!


Singed ?


Well the person who wrote this, really couldn't spell. I re-read it over and over again. I don't think they know what their talking about. I shook my head and stared ahead. Nothing was going to hurt me. I first saw the school when I looked up. It was massive and there were alot of people walking around. I was just slipping out of the seat, when another piece of paper hit me on the head! The letter was written in a really bad way so I had to re-read it about twenty times before I got what it said.


Loser, slut and a slag.

Thats the wurds that com to mind wen we first saw you. Just remeber that.


Singed ?________________________________________________________________________________________________________



I really hated this person's grammar. I needed to find them to explain to them.

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