Try to Remember

Shirley and Vanessa were like sisters. They were the kind of best friends who knew they would never break their friendship. Ever.
But Vanessa had a supernatural secret which she had never told to anyone. When she tells Shirley about it, the last thing she expects Shirley to do is hate her.
But that's exactly what she does...


5. Epilogue


Many things happened after that.

Shirley stood up in front of the entire school in assembly and revealed everything—well, mostly everything.

Kids started talking to me again. Teachers, too. Many apologized to me. There were still a few students who didn’t believe a word of Shirley’s confession. I didn’t care. Life was back to normal.

Well—almost back to normal.

After Shirley’s confession, kids began to pick on her. I am helping her deal with them now—and her sharp tongue helps as well. Her old “posse” are the ones who pick on her the most, which just proves what sort of friends they are.

Teachers don’t pick on Shirley. They think she was brave to stand up for herself. They help us when we need to talk about Shirley’s bullying and mine.

And, of course, there is my secret. Shirley asked me to show her exactly what it is that I can do. I did. At first she was a little afraid—once she almost threw something—but now she actually likes it. We “use” it when we play together. Yes, Shirley and I are playing pretend games in middle school. Sometimes the real world is too real.

Wait, what’s that? You want me to tell you my secret?

Absolutely not.

Some things are better left hidden.

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